Robert Kiyosaki – NAC 2017 – Brazil Promoção Para Grupos

September twenty third and 24th, 2017 at Expo América in São Paulo – SP, the Worldwide Congress NAC Brasil using the existence of Robert Kiyosaki and Chris Gardner.

NAC Brazil brought collectively the world's major professionals while in the spots of Wealth, Business and Expense Mentality to teach you ways to take care of your finances, create and boost your Leadership profile too as Private Progress Strategies and Tactics. Robert Kiyosaki, Chris Gardner as well as other world-renowned experts will teach you ways to improve your capabilities to make sure that you are the Grasp of Prosperity Development inside your lifestyle.

Please stop by oficial web site right here: Congresso NAC 2017

Robert Kiyosaki is an investor, entrepreneur and author of the best-selling e-book "Rich Dad, Bad Dad"

Recognized worldwide for that ebook "Rich Father, Very poor Father," bestseller that sold much more than thirty million copies in eighty countries.

The American Robert Kiyosaki includes a distinctive see to the conventional method of wondering about funds. Along with his practical experience as an entrepreneur and trader, and his irreverent, frank and immediate way of talking, he encourages persons to rethink their beliefs about finance, and also to reflect and act otherwise. Because the release of "Rich Dad, Lousy Father," he has composed practically thirty publications on finance and expenditure, often partnering with many others. Kiyosaki and his wife Kim are founders with the Rich Dad Firm, a corporation dedicated to supplying economical instruction to folks via textbooks, lectures and workshops, amongst other individuals.

Get your ticket listed here: Robert Kiyosaki em São Paulo


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